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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage review: An impressive soundbar introduction

This all-round unit boosts the type of slick styling you would expect from B&O, which will be its real selling point. But that is not to imply it lacks in technology smarts: that’pub offers Dolby Atmos for immersive 3D audio, together with Apple AirPlay two and Chromecast, for simple connection of your favourite content.

If you’re trying to find a single box solution, would be the Beosound Stage the excellent soundbar option?

The Beosound Stage is a gorgeous piece of industrial layout, courtesy of studio NORM Architects.

The tasteful framework is square, curved at the corners, and also runs all of the ways around the outer border of this soundbar.

The framework can be found in natural aluminium (as examined ), bronze-tone aluminium or stained oak. The first two are each consisting of one piece of forged aluminium; the smoked walnut model – that costs more money, by the way – gains from dovetail joints owing to artful Scandinavian carpentry.

There is a detachable Kvadrat cloth grille covering the motorists, which comes in a selection of black to the organic version, taupe for the bronze version, and grey for the wooden device.

The Beosound Stage employs a three-channel fully active DSP-based (that is digital signal processing) speaker program using a sealed cabinet.

The centre channel utilizes four 4-inch woofers, which can be intended to decrease distortion and permit for increased movement, thus providing enhanced bass performance. The mid frequencies are managed by two 1.5-inch midrange drivers together with a 0.75-inch ribbon tweeter.

The right and left channels utilize speakers built to provide a more dimensional soundstage.

All of this sonic wizardry is meant to deliver a leading soundstage which not only has height, width, and deeper bass but also clearly defined dialogue.

The Stage supports Dolby Atmos object-based sound, also uses psychoacoustic processing to make a more immersive aural encounter in the soundbar’s speakers. Sadly there is no decoding for DTS:X (a different object-based format), but this format is not as widely supported.

After choosing the listening style, after that, you can fine-tune the audio to suit your mood with the ToneTouch interactive equalizer exactly.

As a Bang & Olufsen product, the Phase supports the organization’s BeoLink multi-room system, letting you play audio from various compatible devices around the home. Regrettably, there aren’t any expansion options, and that means you can not add another subwoofer or wireless rear speakers.

From the box, together with the Phase, is an HDMI cable, mounts, felt pads along with also a template for wall-mounted, cable holders along with an instrument for removing the grille.

The Beosound Stage homes all of its relations supporting a removable cover at a recessed area in the rear or bottom (depending on setup ). There is an HDMI 2.0 output signal that supports eARC (improved Audio Yield Channel, allowing for higher-quality sound transmission), and also one HDMI input which can handle 4K HDR along with Dolby Vision.

So far as wireless links are involved, there is a selection of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 4.2, and there is support for Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2.

The Stage does not include a dedicated controller, so from the box, you’ve got a choice of working with the controllers over the soundbar itself along with the B&O distant program (such as iOS or Android). When you have connected to a TV through HDMI-ARC, you could even adjust the volume with your TV’s remote. Or it is possible to buy the discretionary BeoRemote One, that can be a sleek, superbly machined and rather costly metallic wand.

Audio Quality
The Beosound Stage is a superb illustration of what could be accomplished using a 3.0-channel system, particularly when the principles are professionally handled. There is no substitute for high-quality drivers or electricity from the amps, and this soundbar has in spades.

If it comes to audio the right and left channels to dominate, using a playful delivery which makes full use of all of the available grunt. There’s a dedicated Music listening style – but this appeared to rob the machine of its sonic openness. Therefore we think you are better off choosing no processing rather.

There is a feeling of stereo width for this soundbar, leading to some superb imaging and positioning of tools. Vocals are delivered using a satisfying clarity, as well as the machine is effective at generating prodigious amounts of non-invasive presence.

The next path of Ben Watt’s brand new album Storm Damage has a few profound bass notes which the Phase managed to deal with sudden ease taking into consideration the absence of any individual subwoofer. The airiness of this recording along with the sad nature of the guitars was delivered with subtlety.

This remarkable performance extends to TV broadcasts, and that the Period manages elegantly. The TV mode works nicely, maintaining dialogue focused and clear on display, while making music with the diameter and delivering any consequences with exacting accuracy.

By getting the basics right, the Phase can manage more complicated soundtracks with aplomb. Pick the Picture mode, and also a spooky Dolby Atmos combination like The Haunting of Hill House provides creaks and bangs to fantastic effect. It is enough to offer you the heebie-jeebies.

A more competitive combination like Godzilla: King of the Monsters is treated equally too, together with the Phase stepping up when it comes to this movie’s appropriately manicured LFE (low-frequency impacts ) track. There are lots of low-frequency effects to provide the fighting behemoths with an impressive quantity of weight and size.

The usage of DSP generates a more immersive experience by three speakers but has its limitations. This is made apparent using an extremely standardized mix such as Gravity, in which the feeling of immersion is not as noticeable. Sounds are put around the display, instead of from directly above or behind.

The lack of DTS:X service is unsatisfactory, however, as is the inability to include back speakers or different sub.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Stage is a remarkable first soundbar that is aimed at identifying owners with rather deep pockets. It leverages all of the items that B&O does nicely, in the minimalist layout and refined trendy to the speakers and effective amplification.

The outcome is something which oozes style and sonic class, making sure that whatever you are listening to the outcomes are certain to please. The soundstage has diameter and thickness, the middle speaker provides crystal clear conversation, and also the processing adds better dimensionality into soundtracks.

Best of all, there is a severe quantity of bass for an all-purpose unit, permitting you to get the most from the LFE-heavy audio combinations. The lack of an included remote controller is a pity, and it might be fine if there was support for DTS:X and also the capacity to bring another sub, but the Period is difficult to fault.

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