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Minecraft Dungeons – Dev Diary Explores Environmental Design

Although Mojang hasn’t outdated Minecraft Dungeons — beyond a generic”April 2020″ launch window — it has released new programmer diaries outlining various characteristics of the game. The most recent talks about ecological design and the way the team mixes hand-crafted levels with randomly generated components. Check it out below.

It is really interesting to learn about the practice of making rooms unique, even if it’s to have different lighting, shapes, and things. Balancing a degree in such a manner that it’s good for both solo and multiplayer can be important. This all seems pretty basic for level design though and we will see how Minecraft Dungeons can execute these principles.

Unlike the original game, there is no crafting or building as players only venture into procedurally generated dungeons and fight hordes of foes. Weapons and armor can be discovered and enchanted for a variety of effects, giving a nice activity RPG feel to it all. Stay tuned for additional information in the coming weeks.

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