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Overwatch Is Teasing Something New

As individuals quarantine themselves throughout the ordeal, video games, films, and TV are proving to be a terrific way to pass the time. For me, Overwatch is almost always a fantastic game to flip to. The game is now in the center of its teaser occasion, which attracts back co-op and produces new skins, but something more significant may be coming shortly. The official Overwatch Twitter accounts are teasing what seems like a new fanatic. Cryptic as consistently, these teases seem to be pointing into long-known personality Echo since the new protagonist, but we will not know for sure till Blizzard fully brings the curtain back.

Echo is an Omnic that people all know finally joins Overwatch. She had been featured prominently in the close of the Reunion revived brief, and will almost assuredly be a fanatic sooner or later. Still, Blizzard has taken its time in rolling out her and has never wanted to speak much about her, either. The teases come in two kinds: A Brief audio message, which you can listen to under, and also this record:

Doctor Liao seems to be speaking about an Omnic she made for purposes of good, which sounds like it’s Echo. The date on the record suggests that this hero is will strike sooner or later in March. Here is hoping we find out in the coming times rather than the end of the month.

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