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ShackStream: The adventures of Rusty Claymore continue

That’s right folks, the one and only Rusty Claymore are back for another week of adventuring throughout the land of Hyrule. Now we will continue our quest to collect enough hearts to claim the master sword as our own finally. We’re getting closer and closer to our aim of getting Link the 13 hearts necessary to claim the sword, and I feel like today might be the day.

If you feel like chatting and encouraging me with my epic quest, you can head on over to the Shacknews Twitch channel and join in on the conversation. Otherwise, you’re welcome to stay here and check out the embedded player below to keep up with the actions. Hopefully, you like today’s show either way. We’ll be going live at 4:45 pm PT/7:45pm ET now.

Shout outs to our subscribers and followers that encourage us and create these streams happen with their routine viewings. And also a big thank you to everybody who stops by to converse in the Twitch chat. Your participation is very appreciated and keeps us going and helps liven our displays. If you’ve Amazon Prime perhaps consider using your monthly Twitch Prime subscription to help keep our streamers knee-deep in tacos. If you need a hand connecting your Amazon and Twitch accounts we have a handy-dandy manual that you can follow to do just that. Thanks again for your continued support and performing it for Shacknews.

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