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You May Buy Borderlands 3 On Steam To Get 50 Ignore Now Until March 20

Initially, Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 has been set up for sale on that the Epic Games Store (despite promises from the studio which it would not be), however as it stems on Steam now, you can buy Borderlands 3 on Steam to get 50 percent off.


Borderlands 3 once more requires aspiring Vault Hunters straight back to the world of Pandora, currently free of Hyperion and Handsome Jack but only as lawless as ever. Nonetheless, in the aftermath of Hyperion’s departure includes a savage cult that is seeking to file for control of the world’s Vaults.


With four distinct Vault Hunters and different classes to perform with, the time comes to your Vault Hunters to once again stop the cult from shooting over the Vaults…together with picking up a large number of firearms on the way.


The game also comes with several returning players like Tiny Tina, Rhys from Tales in the Borderlands, along with other Vault Hunters who have been playable before, so if you’re waiting to get Borderlands 3 on Steam, today is as good a time as any.


This is compared to another Epic Store exclusive game, which is generally on the shop for a year until they finally make it into Steam. Many fans of this series have likely played with it on consoles before today, should they have not gotten the match in the Epic Store.

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